At NAHAJ AWWAL, we aim to embrace both meanings and pride ourselves in offering a structured services approach to our customers serving our and their client base of Water and Energy Infrastructure Sector. We also act as a select agent for the elite Suppliers, serving them on both ends : The Launch of New Equipment and After Market services, with a mission to penetrate or re-immerge into the interesting and purchase repeat nature of our large GCC Water and Energy Infrastructure Client Base and Industries.

NAHAJ AWWAL, is an Arabic phrase.

It has 2 possible meanings;

One Meaning is ;  Our PREDECESSORS PATH.

Another is ;  FIRST SCHEMA.

Dr. Richard Hames , author of " The Five Literacies of Global Leadership " has an interesting view of the meaning of the word, he describes it as :

" SCHEMA :  is the explicit Deep Designs of our entire array of strategic activities, together with project plans for the systemic facilitation of change. We now ask: What strategies are possible? What will work best given our current resources? What stays the same? What do we stop doing? How might our culture or natural inclinations need to be developed in order for our strategy to be more effective? What are the consequences, risks and opportunity costs of choosing these strategies? Are we sure that our strategies will address key systemic leverage points? ".